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My blog is dying and I feel bad. I do feel that I have some good reasons, since I have spent the last hectic month preparing to up and leave the country all while falling for a very nice boy (I am the master of horrendous timing).

So in between saying my goodbyes and packing up my life, I have neglected Bloggy friends and my Google reader may just collapse from the overflow. I am currently sitting in a gorgeous apartment in Hong Kong, looking out the lounge room window view of enormous ships sailing on the chilly harbour and wondering how my life got to the place where dreams actually come true.

I’m not sure if I will continue with this blog or begin a new one, in between the emails and the facebook updates. But I’ll be sure to let you know if my travelling begins the birth of a new blog. For now I’m taking a temporary break, but I’m still reading your posts and thinking about your lives.

Please e-mail me if you are wondering about mine.

Signing off for now..xx


It’s taken less than a week, yet I am completely and utterly settled into the passionate life of doing not much.

By ‘not much’, I kind of mean the active version of ‘not much’, that involves drinking wine, sitting on the beach, reading crappy novels (so deplorable that I wouldn’t even watch the mini series version) and wasting money on phone calls to friends in Paris while hoeing my way through leftover Christmas cake.

My remaining brain cells are working at 50% of their power and I’m wondering whether any of them will survive the duration of 2010, when I plan to be doing a lot more of the same, except with more dancing and foreign cities thrown in. (Not that I am at all stressed about this, as I’m having a fabulous time. It’s not normal that the memory of consuming soft cheese in every meal today could trigger such feelings of satisfaction).

It’s a comforting, easy thought knowing that I am spending Summer in the same little nook of the world where I have always holidayed, where I know every street, every short cut and every bitchy sales assistant who is angered by holiday crowds. I see the same strangers on the beach and watch their children grow up. My body virtually goes into first gear and my brain grins as soon as I arrive at this place.

I wonder whether I will return here with the same enchanted feeling of coming home after my big trip? Or whether I will be disillusioned by the small town beachside charm? (I doubt it, this place has the best home-made gelati and vanilla slice in Melbourne).

Do you have a little home away from home where you grew up? And do you still feel the same way about it? Tell me what you’re are thinking, super cool bloggy bunnies…

On paper, I’m not a risk taker.

On paper, I’m the girl who lived in the rural town for 20 years, who spent her childhood building  treehouses, leaning against the warm expanse of a old gelding’s round stomach, laying on  pinewood floors reading piles of library books.

On paper, I’m the teenager who went to the same school as all the other girls. Who did the homework, who showed up, who laughed at the same in jokes as you.

On paper, I graduated from high school. I went to uni, made friends with people who would change my life. I partied. I danced. I kissed the right boys (most of the time). I did what I was supposed to. What was expected of me. And I liked it.

On paper, I’m about to do something that so many others have done. I am travelling a path well travelled by others. On paper, my impending adventure  may seem generic. But to me, everything I have ever done has been leading to this. It explains the hot cold rush I feel whenever I gaze at a plane in the morning sky. It’s the edge of the unknown.

It feels like a risk. But not doing it feels like a bigger one.

It’s less than 3 months to go until I take the step off the diving board, take the leap and become insanely unique by doing the same thing as all those before me. I am heading overseas to work and play and I can hardly wait.

While sifting my way through piles dictionaries and conjugating Italian verbs for four years, the thought of devouring gelati in Rome, instead of on Lygon Street kept me going. I would sit on the train on the way home from lectures listening to my ‘Travel’ playlist on my ipod and envy every Facebook album of friends on foreign beaches that popped up when I logged in, reminding me of all the things I wasn’t doing.

So in 2 months and 28 days, I will be setting off, through Hong Kong, Western Europe, to the U.S. with a sprinkle of Canada … with less clothes in my bag than I would normally wear in a week, without the homely comforts of Mint Slices, the Sunday Herald Sun magazine and ‘Packed to the Rafters’ showing up on my TV every Tuesday. Without the physical presence of the people who rotate my world, but with the knowledge that they are always a phone call away. But secure with the knowledge that not risking it would be the biggest risk of all.

Any advice? Any recommendations? I need your help, you gorgeous people…

(Really happy about going here again…)       

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