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Things that made me happy yesterday (on a day involving cars breaking down, tow trucks, arriving at work 2 hours late then needing my boss to come to my rescue after locking my keys in my cupboard, with everything I need inside it. Then, wondering if my contract will ever be renewed when I found a spare key):

Going to a Ball. Even if I did change my hairstyle 3 times before I left, resulting in bobby pins cascading out of my hair every time I danced.

Spending an unreasonable amount of time getting ready for the Ball, while my brother questioned the validity of my music taste. (Hey, who says the ‘Mamma Mia’ soundtrack isn’t top quality listening?)

A man at the Ball wearing the fruits of his own dedication. I’m not sure what urges someone to create an enormous cardboard hat in the shape of a Swiss Army Knife (complete with large silver card knives sticking out of it at various angles), but I totally dig the amount of Saturday nights in that were spent to create it.

A hip-hop-boot-scootin’ demonstration at said Ball. I kid you not. It was fabulous and wildly entertaining. A high point was definitely the diamonte` name plate belt buckles these girls were wearing and their ability to perform scissor kicks while flicking their glittery elastic braces. Then they taught us all how to do a dance as well. Amazing. Even if my best friend did accidently crush my toes with her stiletto.

Dancing with large amounts of random boys and the best friends in the world to Micheal Jackson songs. Loving that fact that the whole dance floor yelled ‘Mazel tov!’ in perfect unison while grooving to the Black Eyed Peas. Also, if you know me well enough, you will be aware that a Grease mega mix can pretty much complete my life.

So now I am fully charged for an awesome weekend (albeit with a bit of a sore toe…).

What made you happy today?


You know that feeling? I know you know that feeling. When the term holidays finished two weeks ago and it kind of feels like they never even occured. When you’re back in routine, jealous that the lovely parentals have reached Italia before you ever have especially after studying the language for 16 years (you heard it, 16…those subjunctive verbs still haunt my dreams) and you are  frantically trying to wake yourself out of you stupor at 5.30am three times a week to go to the gym- just so you can fill your daily choclate quota without feeling bad…

I am attempting to find amusement in the small things. (Or I have reached delirium status and am finding most things entertaining in my current state).

The first thing I said to my class today was “Whoever has their sock in Sarah’s face, move it!”

I called my mum in Spain to see how their trip was going (and how much she missed me!) She pretty much just asked if I had been taping ‘Packed to the Rafters’ for her and then asked to talk to my brother. Perhaps my golden child status has shifted…

One of my best friend’s crazed rant about the fact that Smarties no longer contain artificial colours and flavours, and that when she poured some into her hand they were *SHOCK* “EARTHY COLOURS!!!” I feel her pain. If you want to get your daily dose of vitamens, you eat an apple, you don’t reach for Smarties.  (For anyone who hasn’t experienced the chocolatey goodness of Smarties, they are kind of like m&m’s, but bigger and better).

Last night I had a dream that I worked at Seattle Grace, had a date with Hugh Grant  and Lauren Graham came over for Christmas dinner (after I met her when she was doing CRT teaching at my school, obviously!) I always become obsessed with a TV show about 100 years after everyone else and the latest culprit is Greys Anatomy…it’s probably evident that Gilmore Girls is an old faithful…

The look on my colleagues face when she shouted “Laura, do something!!!” after found the elusive mouse that had been scurrying around our building all last term. I had been deployed to catch this critter and had even cornered it a couple of times, but it was too clever for me. However poor old mousy wasn’t clever enough not to get caught under the box of the Prep’s little beanbags and when Bronnie found him, he was a little bit dead…eww.  I had to pick him up with a dustpan and brush and bury him in the playground.                                                                                                                                         I now have a reputation of Wildlife Rescuer at work. So far I’ve had to remove 3 silly Magpies from classrooms and had to rescue a Pigeon that couldn’t get back to it’s nest, all the time having an audiance of kids cheering me on…

The fact I got myself and my class locked in my classroom yesterday and we had to be rescued by the Vice-Principal with a can of WD-40. Oops.

These guys:

funny ciggies[Pic from We Heart It]
Oh yeah. Thinking about all that stuff has put me in a much happier place. Yay team!

It almost doesn’t feel real, that story.

It has whirled and fluttered around your whole childhood. Snippets of it have emerged during long car trips and balmy Summer nights spent chatting in the backyard. Sometimes those same snippets stung you, because their story seemed so easy. So sweetly unexpected.

And from the way you hear it, it was.

They were your age, those two. They didn’t really think they would meet anybody that night, at that function. But they attended it just in case. You wonder what she was wearing. Whether it was her petite figure, her bright frilly dress or flashy eyes which initially caught his attention.

She was back in the real world, after making a brave choice to leave her life as a nun three weeks earlier. He had long hair which his mother hated. It sounds made up. It isn’t.

Somehow, they started talking. She gave him her number on a scrap of paper, which he still carries in his wallet thirty three years later. It’s see through now. I guess paper is more permanent. Nobody can delete it from their phone at the press of a button. They started to go out. She tells you how they argued a lot at the start. About their beliefs and what they thought life was all about.

He says that he knew after two weeks that they would get married. He waited another month before he proposed, so he wouldn’t look like he was crazy. When he did ask her, after driving to the top of a mountain in the country, she slapped his face and said no. Turns out she did think he was crazy. But half way down the mountain she asked he was thinking straight, and she changed her mind.

She resembled Snow White on her wedding day. All peaches and cream complexion, perfect hair curled under her white veil. His suit was a sign of the times, blue velvet with a ruffled shirt. More of an Austen Powers look. He insists it was cool back then.

Slowly but surely they worked, tried to do the right thing, had two children, built a house and were good to their own parents. They watched their friends go on overseas trips while they held out for a rainy day.

And now that day has come. The karma has paid off. They left this morning for the European holiday they always dreamed of. I am so happy for them.

Sometimes my mum doesn’t understand why this story hasn’t happened to me yet. After all, it happened to them. I try to explain that they are the lucky ones. That having this story is like being struck by lightning.

And inside I hope and pray, as I go on bad dates and kiss frogs, that lightning strikes the same place twice.

I love many many many things in life. And I have read many lists on blogs that remind me of the things I love in life. And I definitely stole this idea from Brandy. So here’s my love list…

I love eating the first mango of the season over the kitchen sink, while it’s sticky juice runs down to my elbows. I love sprinting down my driveway on a cold crisp night, knowing my pajamas await me when I get inside. I love eating Mint Slices, straight from the fridge. I love the way my friends answer the phone using references to our in jokes.

I love fresh sheets (although I hate washing them). I love the shine of freshly painted nails. I love taking walks around my neighbourhood and imagining the conversations occurring inside the houses I pass (is that stalking??) I love seeing everybody dressed up on the train ride to the Melbourne Cup.

I love the velvety softness of a dog’s ears. The new-found tradition of Thursday night dumplings. Shopping. Welcoming still, warm, Summer nights while playing Taboo with my best friends. I love jumping off the pier at Sorrento and the exhilaration I feel knowing that it is a simple joy I can appreciate for the rest of my days.

I love family traditions and the ten minutes before a thunder storm. Waking up on a humid morning, knowing it’s only going to get hotter.I love the scent of sunscreen and Aerogard, the sound that pebbles make after it’s rained and the smell of mowed lawns.

I love going for walks, plane rides during take off, the view of the city from my bedroom window. Especially at night.

I love watching DVDs that I have watched so many times I know the script by heart. I love thinking about the future and reading my high school diaries. The sound bellbirds make.

Christmas lights. The Myer Christmas windows. The crappy old silver star decorations that are strung over tram lines every December. Carols sung by Bing Crosby. New slippers. I love my cousins and the way that everyone knows the words to old Irish songs, yet we can’t remember ever learning them.

I love cards with quotes on them. Roald Dahl books. The way my hair feels light after it’s been cut. Facebook chat. Seeing an envelope on my phone’s screen when I wake up in the morning. Guys in suits. The milliseconds of tension before I kiss someone. Electric blankets. Photos. ‘Sex & the City’ references during conversations. The childhood scents of worn leather, petrol and hay.

I love my friends. The late night cocktails, toasted sandwiches and afternoons sunbaking we share and the way we laugh until we hurt every time we are together. And I love the secure knowledge that tomorrow will bring more of the same…

Ooh and thank you so much for the shout out Kristina! I promise I will follow it up in my next post.

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