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I feel pretty happy most of the time. Not always the ‘sunshine and rainbows/it’s Springtime but acting like Summer/I just woke up and found Bradley Cooper/I think I just won the $90 million Powerball… ‘ brand of happy, but quite content.

However, a few moment have occurred in the past couple of days which are making me feel deliriously right now. Most of those moments involved sun (if only a little bit), amazing vanilla slice, belting out road trip music and sweet wine picked up while traipsing around wineries.

But all of those moments have included a wonderful, fabulous gaggle of friends.

Three of those girls I have known since I was 12, when we wore school dresses that reached our ankles, read Dolly magazine and ate fundraising Cadbury chocolate bars, Cheds and Coke for lunch. (Actually, not much has changed on the lunch front…) These girls know the back story, the characters in the pointless stories of my life and the in-jokes. They remember my machine gun laugh, my joy when I finally moved house and my blue and yellow themed 13th birthday party (I had a matching cake. It rocked).

The other girls I met in Uni, at a time when I missed my sheltered high school, at a stage when I was afraid that everything was changing. Over cheap sandwiches and Diet Coke, we discussed where we had come from and where we were going. We wanted the same things and worked to get them. We danced, drank and shared experiences we now see as legend. We talk daily. They have morphed into being my sisters and my mentors.

I feel so happy when I think about how I have these people in my life. Over the past few days we have holidayed together and now my friends are friends with each other. Which is why I’m crazy in love with the world. Cue Beyonce`…


Since I am suffering from longest lasting cold in history and have been stuck inside everyday with my darling students due to the rain, I am totally gagging for Spring.

During the past few weeks, it seems the retailers are feeling the same way, causing me to hyperventilate when I stroll past their windows and see…could it be…OMG…COLOUR!

I mean, I love grey and black as much as the next girl (especially because I can practically get dressed in the dark with my daily combo of black opaques, black dress, black heels, silver jewellery etc.) however I am starting to feel completely over the whole ‘widow in mourning’ look.

I find myself obsessing over all that Summer colour whenever I view Miranda Kerr flouncing around the screen on the David Jones advertisement, although I have found myself obsessing over D.J.’s ads since I was a little kid… (especially the Christmas ones!)

569364-miranda-kerrOoh I can’t wait ’til those skies return…

Thank you so much to Caz for my first award! I am so excited!

Honest Scrap Award

(Caz actually gave me the choice between an Honest Scrap or the One Lovely Blog award..I am choosing the Honest Scrap!)

So here are 10 Honest things about me…

1. I spent $600 on a new flute last year but have only played it about three times. Pathetic, I know! I used to play flute in high school and one day I will get back into it…

2. Even when I’m broke, I still buy Vogue. It’s an addiction.

3. I can pretty much recite the script to a number of chick flicks (‘Bridget Jones’ Diary’, ‘Notting Hill’, ‘Sleepless in Seattle’, ‘Steel Magnolias’, ‘Pretty Woman’ and anything else totally tragic…I have no shame.)

4. I can’t sleep without an eye mask.

5. When I die, I want to donate as many of my organs as I can.

6. I never really wanted to be a teacher, but now I wouldn’t want to be anything else!

7. I become intrigued with particular foods and they become my favourite thing for a while, until I am completely over them and never want to eat them again. (Past obsessions have included K-Time bars, Stringers cheese sticks, Sesame Snaps, the list goes on…)

8. I want to work at an American Summer Camp because I love ‘The Parent Trap’. I can’t believe I just admitted that.

9. I love that I can walk to my friend’s homes. Growing up on a farm, all my friends lived so far away, it still amazes me how I can just trot around to visit my best buds.

10. When I walk past tea shops, I shut my eyes and pretend I am in Hong Kong…I can’t wait to go back there!

I am passing on this award to 5 ladies who never fail to entertain me…

1. Sarah

2. Sam

3. Stephanie

4. Loys

5. Mollie

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