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Do you adore sameness and predictability? I’m a sucker for tradition.

I am comforted by the knowledge that no matterĀ  the disasters that have occured throughout the year, my Mum will ensure that Santa still leaves pressies and Lotto scratchies fly out of the Christmas Bon Bons when they are ripped apart (even though nobody ever wins more than $5).

It feels good knowing that Christmas day is a small family affair, with the day sliding past in a slippery blur of chocolate for breakfast, lunch with all the trimmings, Macadamia Mango crunch for dessert, wine and sunshine all afternoon. Channel 9’s ‘Carols By Candlelight’ will buzz in the background, I will munch on cherries til I’m ill and will walk on the beach all afternoon.

I get a little lump of excitement in my throat, countered by reassurance, with the expectation that Boxing Day will be better than Christmas, that I will wear a new dress, shower my little cousins with tickles and glow on the inside when they brag to me about their VCE scores, performances in dancing contests and hopes of moving to the city. I will be forced to sit on the knee of a distant cousin in a tacky Santa costume, participate in Irish dancing competitions and sing ‘Fame’ with my many female cousins, even though I can’t carry a tune in a bucket.

I like these Christmas events because I understand them, I know how they work. As I get older, I begin to wonder if it’s merely the familiarity that makes them good or whether it’s the way that they remind me of past memories. I often think about the episode of ‘Sex and the City’ (‘cos this is where I get my life lessons) when Charlotte decides to give up Christmas for Harry, but is spurred on by the thought that the new memories they can create may be better then those she ever had.

Do you like to do the same thing every year? Or are you brave, do you try something new with the hope of a new tradition in the midst?

Do tell…. I wanna know.


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