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Turn a bad day good: Head to the movies with your Drew Barrymore look-a-like best friend to watch ‘Julie & Julia’ while chowing down on hamburgers and Diet Coke. Chase it up with a double scoop of honey malt macadamia ice-cream in a waffle cone and D&M conversation. (Justify the waffle cone to your gluten intolerant self because the bun on the hamburger was gluten free and looked like you were eating a scone – a biscuit to all you Americans- with meat in the middle. It tasted better than it looked.)

Perk yourself up on a Tuesday: Discover your amazing friends have bought you Taylor Swift tickets for your birthday, standing right up the front. Don’t threaten to make an ‘I love Tay Tay’ sign or they may threaten to boycott. Do plan on wearing cowboy boots and an awesome dress.

Get over a boy: Book a trip to the Greek islands. Tell yourself that there will be many many more boys there. Brainstorm bikini options.

Avoid writing school reports: Watch ‘Charlie’s Angels’ on DVD. Vacuum. Bake Honey Joys. Go for a walk. Watch another DVD. Sort out your wardrobe. Paint your nails. Repeat.

Feel old: Realise that the number of years since you finished high school is parallel to the amount time until you turn 30. And that your school’s uniform has completely changed since you left.

Feel young: Plan on making pink paper chains to decorate your birthday party. Buy a domed cake tin so you can bake a Barbie birthday cake.

Turn a tea towel into a chicken: Lay it down vertically and roll both ends until the meet in the middle. Fold horizontally, keeping rolls intact. Gently pull the corners of the tea towel from the middle of the rolls until they are sticking out a little. Hold the corners of each opposite side and pull tight. Voile`! You have a chicken! (Essential for entertaining children and drunk friends at dinner parties).

tea towel chicken* Not my picture, but props to the lady with the comfy looking dressing gown. A dressing gown is the perfect outfit to wear when practising how to make this chicken…

Hope you are having a blissful weekend!


Thanks to the Queen’s Birthday long weekend, this week was off to an awesome start. It was a 3-day whirlwind spent with movies (‘My Year Without Sex’ & ‘Adventureland’ – both excellent), besties I know, I speak like I’m 15, trashy 80s music, trashy 80s dancing, my crazy yet talented massive Irish family, more besties, rain and fabulous food.

It’s the hours like these, listening to my cousins sing songs about my grandparents, spent discussing the ins and outs of life and participating in the great bottled Diet Coke versus Post Mix Diet Coke debate while wandering dancing through the streets of Melbourne, which make me wonder why I’m leaving.

However, I’m sure the great overseas adventure will pay off (as will sticking to a boring budget and avoiding Country Road, even in sale time!)

And in other news…it snowed in Kinglake today. (Meaning it was COLD at school!) Although I am really really glad I’m not living up around there anymore, I am so thankful that our house wasn’t affected by the fires. My Preps are STILL talking about the bushfires (as heard in today’s Show & Tell “I think going on Puffing Billy won’t be fun now because it all got burnt”) but hopefully the snow will re-energise things a little up there.


Even when I went up there a little while ago tiny little shoots were growing back. As I drove into Kinglake that day, I thought “Oh, it was at least 5 mins drive from our house. Ages away.” However after drive through that sort of terrain for an HOUR I realised we were very lucky ducks!

Hope you are having a lucky duck week!


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