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I am such a lucky ducky, with so much to look forward to.

I cannot wait until…

Spring and hopefully, a day in the near future when I can wake up to a warm morning. My parents coming home so I can see their photos and hear their stories from their trip. Another one of my gorgeous best friend’s birthdays this weekend. Seeing my savings SLOWLY increase (even though it means sacrificing those amazing shoes I wanted to buy), paying for my flights and visiting the travel agent this weekend. A week of school without too many interruptions.  More crappy yet great TV shows (such as, ahem, ‘Farmer Wants a Wife’). The possibility of a board game night in the near future. And last, but def not least, getting my awesome new Nokia SLR from Hong Kong, the land where all happy things come from.

Oh yeah!


Yep, I reckon the song is right. The best things in life ARE free. Or can probably be found at Mimco.

My thoughts on this?

Expressing my love of places through cupcakes. (I arrived back from a road trip to Metung today. It’s worth it, even if it takes 4 hours to get there).

Expressing my love through cupcakes

Roadtrips to places that involve a pier. And feature places praised with cupcakes. And some of my fave people. I peered into the water here yesterday and spotted a big black crab waving his claw at me! (Plus I displayed my superb, ahem, athletic skills as I dodged my friends attempts to push me in.)

Metung pier

Lazy days and board games.

Trivial Pursuit

Celebratin’ (this pic is from the Melbourne Cup, although I am up for this at ANY time!)


Singstar until my ability to even speak has diminished.


Returning home and my bro has left the house relatively clean. Maybe the no parents thing will work for a short while…maybe.


It almost doesn’t feel real, that story.

It has whirled and fluttered around your whole childhood. Snippets of it have emerged during long car trips and balmy Summer nights spent chatting in the backyard. Sometimes those same snippets stung you, because their story seemed so easy. So sweetly unexpected.

And from the way you hear it, it was.

They were your age, those two. They didn’t really think they would meet anybody that night, at that function. But they attended it just in case. You wonder what she was wearing. Whether it was her petite figure, her bright frilly dress or flashy eyes which initially caught his attention.

She was back in the real world, after making a brave choice to leave her life as a nun three weeks earlier. He had long hair which his mother hated. It sounds made up. It isn’t.

Somehow, they started talking. She gave him her number on a scrap of paper, which he still carries in his wallet thirty three years later. It’s see through now. I guess paper is more permanent. Nobody can delete it from their phone at the press of a button. They started to go out. She tells you how they argued a lot at the start. About their beliefs and what they thought life was all about.

He says that he knew after two weeks that they would get married. He waited another month before he proposed, so he wouldn’t look like he was crazy. When he did ask her, after driving to the top of a mountain in the country, she slapped his face and said no. Turns out she did think he was crazy. But half way down the mountain she asked he was thinking straight, and she changed her mind.

She resembled Snow White on her wedding day. All peaches and cream complexion, perfect hair curled under her white veil. His suit was a sign of the times, blue velvet with a ruffled shirt. More of an Austen Powers look. He insists it was cool back then.

Slowly but surely they worked, tried to do the right thing, had two children, built a house and were good to their own parents. They watched their friends go on overseas trips while they held out for a rainy day.

And now that day has come. The karma has paid off. They left this morning for the European holiday they always dreamed of. I am so happy for them.

Sometimes my mum doesn’t understand why this story hasn’t happened to me yet. After all, it happened to them. I try to explain that they are the lucky ones. That having this story is like being struck by lightning.

And inside I hope and pray, as I go on bad dates and kiss frogs, that lightning strikes the same place twice.

alice in wonderland wisdom

(Pic from

I really like to believe in impossible things sometimes.

For instance, I bought a pair of pink and black Dunlop Volleys today to wear on the school camp this week, because I didn’t want to wreck my usual runners. I am holding out hope that I won’t be wearing the same shoes as all the ten & eleven year old girls on the camp. I know this is impossible.

I like to believe that I won’t get homesick during my big trip next year. I am pretty certain this won’t happen, since I am surrounded by amazing people at home who mean everything to me. I know that I really won’t cope well without Vegemite, ‘Packed to the Rafters’ (which is coming back on TV this week, woohoo!) and long lazy days spent slathered in coconut sunscreen, eating gelati and listening to Jason Mraz songs while lying on THIS beach with my friends.

yep, i love it!

I entertain the belief that I will grow up to look like (or at least be as cool as) Kylie Minogue. I have held this belief since I was about 6. Not letting go.


And I’m pretty damn sure that I’m going to marry Hamish Blake.

I believe that one day I will have strong, healthy, awesome nails. Not the crappy flaky ones I have now that seem to break whenever I use my hands.

I believe that denim look leggings don’t look good on many people. And that Roald Dahl books can cure everything.

I believe that one day I will get a job as an Official Taste Tester for Cadbury. One of my friends bought a me a keyring with this title on it, so this belief can’t be that impossible. Not sure where the teaching career comes into it all though.

I believe that if you dream something enough, sometimes it will come true. So needless to say, I believe in happily ever after.

I love many many many things in life. And I have read many lists on blogs that remind me of the things I love in life. And I definitely stole this idea from Brandy. So here’s my love list…

I love eating the first mango of the season over the kitchen sink, while it’s sticky juice runs down to my elbows. I love sprinting down my driveway on a cold crisp night, knowing my pajamas await me when I get inside. I love eating Mint Slices, straight from the fridge. I love the way my friends answer the phone using references to our in jokes.

I love fresh sheets (although I hate washing them). I love the shine of freshly painted nails. I love taking walks around my neighbourhood and imagining the conversations occurring inside the houses I pass (is that stalking??) I love seeing everybody dressed up on the train ride to the Melbourne Cup.

I love the velvety softness of a dog’s ears. The new-found tradition of Thursday night dumplings. Shopping. Welcoming still, warm, Summer nights while playing Taboo with my best friends. I love jumping off the pier at Sorrento and the exhilaration I feel knowing that it is a simple joy I can appreciate for the rest of my days.

I love family traditions and the ten minutes before a thunder storm. Waking up on a humid morning, knowing it’s only going to get hotter.I love the scent of sunscreen and Aerogard, the sound that pebbles make after it’s rained and the smell of mowed lawns.

I love going for walks, plane rides during take off, the view of the city from my bedroom window. Especially at night.

I love watching DVDs that I have watched so many times I know the script by heart. I love thinking about the future and reading my high school diaries. The sound bellbirds make.

Christmas lights. The Myer Christmas windows. The crappy old silver star decorations that are strung over tram lines every December. Carols sung by Bing Crosby. New slippers. I love my cousins and the way that everyone knows the words to old Irish songs, yet we can’t remember ever learning them.

I love cards with quotes on them. Roald Dahl books. The way my hair feels light after it’s been cut. Facebook chat. Seeing an envelope on my phone’s screen when I wake up in the morning. Guys in suits. The milliseconds of tension before I kiss someone. Electric blankets. Photos. ‘Sex & the City’ references during conversations. The childhood scents of worn leather, petrol and hay.

I love my friends. The late night cocktails, toasted sandwiches and afternoons sunbaking we share and the way we laugh until we hurt every time we are together. And I love the secure knowledge that tomorrow will bring more of the same…

Ooh and thank you so much for the shout out Kristina! I promise I will follow it up in my next post.

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