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Do you adore sameness and predictability? I’m a sucker for tradition.

I am comforted by the knowledge that no matterĀ  the disasters that have occured throughout the year, my Mum will ensure that Santa still leaves pressies and Lotto scratchies fly out of the Christmas Bon Bons when they are ripped apart (even though nobody ever wins more than $5).

It feels good knowing that Christmas day is a small family affair, with the day sliding past in a slippery blur of chocolate for breakfast, lunch with all the trimmings, Macadamia Mango crunch for dessert, wine and sunshine all afternoon. Channel 9’s ‘Carols By Candlelight’ will buzz in the background, I will munch on cherries til I’m ill and will walk on the beach all afternoon.

I get a little lump of excitement in my throat, countered by reassurance, with the expectation that Boxing Day will be better than Christmas, that I will wear a new dress, shower my little cousins with tickles and glow on the inside when they brag to me about their VCE scores, performances in dancing contests and hopes of moving to the city. I will be forced to sit on the knee of a distant cousin in a tacky Santa costume, participate in Irish dancing competitions and sing ‘Fame’ with my many female cousins, even though I can’t carry a tune in a bucket.

I like these Christmas events because I understand them, I know how they work. As I get older, I begin to wonder if it’s merely the familiarity that makes them good or whether it’s the way that they remind me of past memories. I often think about the episode of ‘Sex and the City’ (‘cos this is where I get my life lessons) when Charlotte decides to give up Christmas for Harry, but is spurred on by the thought that the new memories they can create may be better then those she ever had.

Do you like to do the same thing every year? Or are you brave, do you try something new with the hope of a new tradition in the midst?

Do tell…. I wanna know.


The difference between what my brain plans for Christmas and what actually happens.

  • Decide that I am going to be the Martha Stewart Prep teacher master crazy person and bombard my class with easy but attractive craft projects on a daily basis. Have a mental breakdown and threaten to axe Christmas craft altogether after glitter stars infect my carpet in a classroom version of herpes.
  • Appease friends, save money and display my creativity by making homemade Christmas cards. Note to self- felt, glitter, craft glue and cardboard= $20. A box of ten purchased cards, which don’t look like they were made by a blind person wielding a glue gun= $3.
  • Make a Gingerbread House. I went through a massive gingerbread phase this year. The house could still happen. Or, if I get lazy, it really could not.
  • Become the person who has their Christmas shopping done and dusted by October. I started last week.
  • Aim to expand my Christmas carol addiction. Become hooked on Hi5’s ‘Jingle Jangle Christmas’ CD. This wasn’t what I intended.
  • Brainwash my Preps with magical Christmas memories, urging them to write letters to Santa. Take the letters home and write 23 individual replies. Spray them with water and stick in the school freezer. Interrupt class by running outside after hearing a ‘strange noise’ and return with frozen letters, direct from the North Pole. Giggle myself silly when the kids pretty much hyperventilating with excitement. Tick that box, baby. If I do nothing else my Christmas brain demands, I’m happy.

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black white melbourne

Melbourne, I’m trying. I really am. And you are doing things to lure me in, to like you a little bit each more, by displaying something you know I can’t resist. Even if it’s just for a few minutes. You’re sneaky like that.

You know I like Sydney much more then you. I know, I know, it displays absolutely no loyalty on my part. It’s just that Sydney thrusts such obvious beauty. The long warm days, frangipani growing through fences at Bondi. The Manly ferry. The Sydney Harbour Bridge. The Opera House. The trains with those seats that flip around, so you can always face your friends on the ride home. I mean, how can I not like it?

sydney fireworks

But then you go and give me sunsets that are peak through Winter clouds and fill up my whole kitchen with orange light. You let the Nightrider bus drop me safely outside my house after a big night in your centre and you only ask for $3 in return. You open a Lindt chocolate cafe, invite good musicals to play (you KNOW I love ‘Mary Poppins’! You’ve done your research…) and light up the trees in Collins steet to match.

As the days become milder and longer, when your freezing Winter mornings disappear, you know I won’t be able to help myself. You will gently offer picnics in the Botanical gardens, suck me in with Spring Fashion Week and lazy afternoons eating gelati from my balcony while I watch the skyscrapers light up in your city scape.

When Summer rolls around you know that you’ll really have me. I’ll probably be helpless then. It will be our last Summer together for a while. The last of the hurried afternoons searching for the perfect fascinator for the Spring Races. The last trip to stand behind the queue while watching the lolly coloured puppets dance inside the Myer Christmas windows.

Distance will make the heart grow fonder. By the time I returnĀ  we will inevitably be in lust, if not love. And Melbourne, you will have won.

I love many many many things in life. And I have read many lists on blogs that remind me of the things I love in life. And I definitely stole this idea from Brandy. So here’s my love list…

I love eating the first mango of the season over the kitchen sink, while it’s sticky juice runs down to my elbows. I love sprinting down my driveway on a cold crisp night, knowing my pajamas await me when I get inside. I love eating Mint Slices, straight from the fridge. I love the way my friends answer the phone using references to our in jokes.

I love fresh sheets (although I hate washing them). I love the shine of freshly painted nails. I love taking walks around my neighbourhood and imagining the conversations occurring inside the houses I pass (is that stalking??) I love seeing everybody dressed up on the train ride to the Melbourne Cup.

I love the velvety softness of a dog’s ears. The new-found tradition of Thursday night dumplings. Shopping. Welcoming still, warm, Summer nights while playing Taboo with my best friends. I love jumping off the pier at Sorrento and the exhilaration I feel knowing that it is a simple joy I can appreciate for the rest of my days.

I love family traditions and the ten minutes before a thunder storm. Waking up on a humid morning, knowing it’s only going to get hotter.I love the scent of sunscreen and Aerogard, the sound that pebbles make after it’s rained and the smell of mowed lawns.

I love going for walks, plane rides during take off, the view of the city from my bedroom window. Especially at night.

I love watching DVDs that I have watched so many times I know the script by heart. I love thinking about the future and reading my high school diaries. The sound bellbirds make.

Christmas lights. The Myer Christmas windows. The crappy old silver star decorations that are strung over tram lines every December. Carols sung by Bing Crosby. New slippers. I love my cousins and the way that everyone knows the words to old Irish songs, yet we can’t remember ever learning them.

I love cards with quotes on them. Roald Dahl books. The way my hair feels light after it’s been cut. Facebook chat. Seeing an envelope on my phone’s screen when I wake up in the morning. Guys in suits. The milliseconds of tension before I kiss someone. Electric blankets. Photos. ‘Sex & the City’ references during conversations. The childhood scents of worn leather, petrol and hay.

I love my friends. The late night cocktails, toasted sandwiches and afternoons sunbaking we share and the way we laugh until we hurt every time we are together. And I love the secure knowledge that tomorrow will bring more of the same…

Ooh and thank you so much for the shout out Kristina! I promise I will follow it up in my next post.

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