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I don’t know much, but I do know…

Trying to fix your mobile charger with a soldering iron doesn’t work. You end up using your Dad’s old clunky phone because your own phone is rendered flat and useless. Having a lamp lit ‘Storytime’ session with your friends, reading aloud old diary entries ensures hilarity.Singstar + work colleagues = fun. Strawberries taste nicer when you pick them yourself, even if it means you have to spend more time washing them than devouring them.

If you are a teacher and you go to shopping centres during school holidays, you WILL see your students. When trying new cocktail recipes, your efforts seem to improve with the more you make (and drink!) Hours at work may drag, but biannual dental appointments arrive in a flash.

Chocolate and water tastes better when it’s cold. Summer colds suck. There’s something nice about knowing that you are someone a friend calls in a 4am crisis. I will think nothing of spending $20 on a cocktail at 1am but will use the same disposable razor for months until it grates my legs.

You can tell a lot about someone from the content of their ipod. The world always seems a better place after a hot shower. Kissing is underrated. It’s always an appropriate time to play a John Farnham song. It’s always bin day. My self belief escalates rapidly if my nails are painted.

That’s all for now.


*Inspired by one of Mollie’s posts…

Almost 24, yet safe and secure in the knowledge that:

I am taking advantage of the period in my life when I can still eat chocolate for breakfast. It’s ok to still have your friends over and part take in play fights, involving hair pulling and a very queasy tummy after jumping around too much following the consumption of Thai take-away. I can still get away with talking like I am 15. Like, totally just get away with it. I’m on the precipice of a time when it’s acceptable to buy tissues because they have Hannah Montana on the packet.

Degrees: Check. Job: Check.

My friends and I have reached a suitable age when we can criticise teen fashion (white socks over leggings? Hello?!) but still follow them if we find said fashions to be of a superior class (Headbands? Yes!) I’m still young enough to plan and dream about stupid schemes and dreams, which still have a remote possibility of coming true (live in a Northern NSW treehouse? Sure, why not. Marry a Prince I will meet at a bar, a la Princess Mary and become future Queen of European country? Hell yes! Work for a fashion magazine? Look after native animals at my house? Have an organised filing system in my classroom? Be on ‘Dancing with the Stars’? Shack up with Hamish Blake? Dare to dream…)

Saturdays are for spending the morning in pajamas, eating overpriced salads for lunch and dancing all night. Sundays are for sleeping in, gelati, chats on the balcony with people you partied with on the previous night, reading the paper, watching movies and doing last minute work preparation (while eating toast for dinner).

Having said that, it’s perfectly acceptable to spend Saturday night watching DVDs and eating burnt microwave popcorn with fabulous people.

I’m mature enough to be besties with the more mature ladies at work, but still young enough to love discussing the Teen Choice Awards with the Grade 6 girls.  Old enough to make grown up choices (buy a house, get married, la di dah…), young enough to kiss random boys at parties. Old enough to drive, young enough to car dance. Draw wisdom from movie quotes, gain inspiration from great women, adore my friends.

Yep, not bad. Not bad at all.

You know that feeling? I know you know that feeling. When the term holidays finished two weeks ago and it kind of feels like they never even occured. When you’re back in routine, jealous that the lovely parentals have reached Italia before you ever have especially after studying the language for 16 years (you heard it, 16…those subjunctive verbs still haunt my dreams) and you are  frantically trying to wake yourself out of you stupor at 5.30am three times a week to go to the gym- just so you can fill your daily choclate quota without feeling bad…

I am attempting to find amusement in the small things. (Or I have reached delirium status and am finding most things entertaining in my current state).

The first thing I said to my class today was “Whoever has their sock in Sarah’s face, move it!”

I called my mum in Spain to see how their trip was going (and how much she missed me!) She pretty much just asked if I had been taping ‘Packed to the Rafters’ for her and then asked to talk to my brother. Perhaps my golden child status has shifted…

One of my best friend’s crazed rant about the fact that Smarties no longer contain artificial colours and flavours, and that when she poured some into her hand they were *SHOCK* “EARTHY COLOURS!!!” I feel her pain. If you want to get your daily dose of vitamens, you eat an apple, you don’t reach for Smarties.  (For anyone who hasn’t experienced the chocolatey goodness of Smarties, they are kind of like m&m’s, but bigger and better).

Last night I had a dream that I worked at Seattle Grace, had a date with Hugh Grant  and Lauren Graham came over for Christmas dinner (after I met her when she was doing CRT teaching at my school, obviously!) I always become obsessed with a TV show about 100 years after everyone else and the latest culprit is Greys Anatomy…it’s probably evident that Gilmore Girls is an old faithful…

The look on my colleagues face when she shouted “Laura, do something!!!” after found the elusive mouse that had been scurrying around our building all last term. I had been deployed to catch this critter and had even cornered it a couple of times, but it was too clever for me. However poor old mousy wasn’t clever enough not to get caught under the box of the Prep’s little beanbags and when Bronnie found him, he was a little bit dead…eww.  I had to pick him up with a dustpan and brush and bury him in the playground.                                                                                                                                         I now have a reputation of Wildlife Rescuer at work. So far I’ve had to remove 3 silly Magpies from classrooms and had to rescue a Pigeon that couldn’t get back to it’s nest, all the time having an audiance of kids cheering me on…

The fact I got myself and my class locked in my classroom yesterday and we had to be rescued by the Vice-Principal with a can of WD-40. Oops.

These guys:

funny ciggies[Pic from We Heart It]
Oh yeah. Thinking about all that stuff has put me in a much happier place. Yay team!

alice in wonderland wisdom

(Pic from

I really like to believe in impossible things sometimes.

For instance, I bought a pair of pink and black Dunlop Volleys today to wear on the school camp this week, because I didn’t want to wreck my usual runners. I am holding out hope that I won’t be wearing the same shoes as all the ten & eleven year old girls on the camp. I know this is impossible.

I like to believe that I won’t get homesick during my big trip next year. I am pretty certain this won’t happen, since I am surrounded by amazing people at home who mean everything to me. I know that I really won’t cope well without Vegemite, ‘Packed to the Rafters’ (which is coming back on TV this week, woohoo!) and long lazy days spent slathered in coconut sunscreen, eating gelati and listening to Jason Mraz songs while lying on THIS beach with my friends.

yep, i love it!

I entertain the belief that I will grow up to look like (or at least be as cool as) Kylie Minogue. I have held this belief since I was about 6. Not letting go.


And I’m pretty damn sure that I’m going to marry Hamish Blake.

I believe that one day I will have strong, healthy, awesome nails. Not the crappy flaky ones I have now that seem to break whenever I use my hands.

I believe that denim look leggings don’t look good on many people. And that Roald Dahl books can cure everything.

I believe that one day I will get a job as an Official Taste Tester for Cadbury. One of my friends bought a me a keyring with this title on it, so this belief can’t be that impossible. Not sure where the teaching career comes into it all though.

I believe that if you dream something enough, sometimes it will come true. So needless to say, I believe in happily ever after.

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