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I’m just like all you others.

I watch ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ and think ‘ooh yes, I’m a professional too’ (I just save Prep’s yoghurt covered lunch boxes which have fallen in the bin, not lives).

I read autobiographies by women who inspire me, who work in political positions and are elected by others who support their cause.

I stalk Michelle Obama & Princess Mary on the net and ponder, ‘Hmm, I too could study law. I might land Prince in a bar, then could help rule a nation while wearing gorgeous frilly dresses’.

I take risks, I travel and crave new experiences in the same way that I crave Malteasers. I try to encourage the kids I work with to strive to reach their full potential and to think about other people. I then discover they are much better at it then myself, as well as most adults I know.

I hang out with independent, like minded girls and women, who can rock a cocktail dress as well as a political conference. I think about the future a lot.

The more I read about the past, the more appreciative I am that I live in the present. I am aware that as a woman today I have choice. I am thankful to those who fought so that I have that choice (even though I totally don’t agree with Germaine Greer’s opinions about the Crocodile Hunter…). I also feel fortunate that I was born into a country where freedom of choice is viewed as a right.

Then I have D&M (deep & meaningful, for those not up with my Year 9 girl vocabulary) conversations with some gorgeous, smart friends, who are overwhelmed with the choice, with the freedom. Who want to stay home and not have a career, but support husbands and children. Who know that this is what they want, who know that this will make them happy. And I can see their point.

And who am I whether to say it’s wrong or right? Do we have too much choice? Have our choices made us happier?

Tell me what you think.


When I was 12 I made a time capsule. (I lived on a farm and spent many a long, boring hour thinking about the future, when I wasn’t rocking out to Hanson and cutting out pictures of the Spice Girls from TV Hits magazine). The big plan was to reveal it when I reached the far away, imaginary age of 21.

My 12 year old self, possibly decked out in my favourite 1997 outfit of black baggy tencel overalls (yes, tencel… don’t judge, you were probably wearing it too) and aqua Piping Hot oversized t-shirt, thought that by16 I would be pretty much grown up. By 21, I would surely know all there was to know about the world.

I have a hazy recognition of tucking an assortment of symbolic items into a cardboard Nike shoebox, wondering what life would be like then.

My high school diary, scribbled with notes from new found friends, bragging about how a boy smiled at us on the train (A boy! A real life boy! Needless to say, I went to a girl’s school…) My journal, purchased by my parents on a day trip to the beach, where I wrote riveting accounts about what I ate for lunch and how I had bought some new stickers for my collection. A copy of Dolly magazine = my 12 year old self’s Bible. Considered contraband in my household in my early teens, I used to sneakily buy it after school because life wouldn’t be worth living if I didn’t know the latest entertaining issues covered by Dolly Doctor. (Does anybody else remember the infamous letter about the chick with the Barbie dolls and interesting urges??!!) A Yo-Yo. Photos of my good self sporting some ridiculously oversized headbands (what’s changed?)

Hidden inside the box under a cover of crunchy pink tissue, much to my mortification/fascination/curiosity I found a cassette tape that I had recorded of my favourite songs (‘MmmBop’ anyone? Appreciate it, I probably spent a good 30 minutes next to the radio listening to the Hot 30 Countdown, poised to pounce on record to get that). I also felt the need to discuss my life.

12 year old self predicted that by my early twenties, I may have achieved the following:

Moved out (Ba bow!) Been to Uni (Check). Moved away from the farm (Check). Travelled to Sydney (Check. Dream big Laura!) Gotten married (Again, ba bow!) Had kids (Hahaha. No.) Be working as a vet (I think I failed to recognise that I pretty much can’t do Maths). I also predicted that in the future, I might have a flying car (I think I watched a little too much of ‘The Jetsons’), I would probably use a machine to listen to music rather then listen to CDs (Bingo! How come I’m not working for Apple?)

Life at 12 was simple in a way, but much more complicated then life now. I spent a lot of time reading magazines in my room, writing letters to my friends, daydreaming about marrying Zac Hanson and praying that one day I would be as cool as some of the girls at school, who flounced around in curvy bodies,  blonde highlights and black tattoo look necklaces.

And I would definitely reach Sydney.

alice in wonderland wisdom

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I really like to believe in impossible things sometimes.

For instance, I bought a pair of pink and black Dunlop Volleys today to wear on the school camp this week, because I didn’t want to wreck my usual runners. I am holding out hope that I won’t be wearing the same shoes as all the ten & eleven year old girls on the camp. I know this is impossible.

I like to believe that I won’t get homesick during my big trip next year. I am pretty certain this won’t happen, since I am surrounded by amazing people at home who mean everything to me. I know that I really won’t cope well without Vegemite, ‘Packed to the Rafters’ (which is coming back on TV this week, woohoo!) and long lazy days spent slathered in coconut sunscreen, eating gelati and listening to Jason Mraz songs while lying on THIS beach with my friends.

yep, i love it!

I entertain the belief that I will grow up to look like (or at least be as cool as) Kylie Minogue. I have held this belief since I was about 6. Not letting go.


And I’m pretty damn sure that I’m going to marry Hamish Blake.

I believe that one day I will have strong, healthy, awesome nails. Not the crappy flaky ones I have now that seem to break whenever I use my hands.

I believe that denim look leggings don’t look good on many people. And that Roald Dahl books can cure everything.

I believe that one day I will get a job as an Official Taste Tester for Cadbury. One of my friends bought a me a keyring with this title on it, so this belief can’t be that impossible. Not sure where the teaching career comes into it all though.

I believe that if you dream something enough, sometimes it will come true. So needless to say, I believe in happily ever after.

Thanks to the Queen’s Birthday long weekend, this week was off to an awesome start. It was a 3-day whirlwind spent with movies (‘My Year Without Sex’ & ‘Adventureland’ – both excellent), besties I know, I speak like I’m 15, trashy 80s music, trashy 80s dancing, my crazy yet talented massive Irish family, more besties, rain and fabulous food.

It’s the hours like these, listening to my cousins sing songs about my grandparents, spent discussing the ins and outs of life and participating in the great bottled Diet Coke versus Post Mix Diet Coke debate while wandering dancing through the streets of Melbourne, which make me wonder why I’m leaving.

However, I’m sure the great overseas adventure will pay off (as will sticking to a boring budget and avoiding Country Road, even in sale time!)

And in other news…it snowed in Kinglake today. (Meaning it was COLD at school!) Although I am really really glad I’m not living up around there anymore, I am so thankful that our house wasn’t affected by the fires. My Preps are STILL talking about the bushfires (as heard in today’s Show & Tell “I think going on Puffing Billy won’t be fun now because it all got burnt”) but hopefully the snow will re-energise things a little up there.


Even when I went up there a little while ago tiny little shoots were growing back. As I drove into Kinglake that day, I thought “Oh, it was at least 5 mins drive from our house. Ages away.” However after drive through that sort of terrain for an HOUR I realised we were very lucky ducks!

Hope you are having a lucky duck week!


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