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It’s less than 3 months to go until I take the step off the diving board, take the leap and become insanely unique by doing the same thing as all those before me. I am heading overseas to work and play and I can hardly wait.

While sifting my way through piles dictionaries and conjugating Italian verbs for four years, the thought of devouring gelati in Rome, instead of on Lygon Street kept me going. I would sit on the train on the way home from lectures listening to my ‘Travel’ playlist on my ipod and envy every Facebook album of friends on foreign beaches that popped up when I logged in, reminding me of all the things I wasn’t doing.

So in 2 months and 28 days, I will be setting off, through Hong Kong, Western Europe, to the U.S. with a sprinkle of Canada … with less clothes in my bag than I would normally wear in a week, without the homely comforts of Mint Slices, the Sunday Herald Sun magazine and ‘Packed to the Rafters’ showing up on my TV every Tuesday. Without the physical presence of the people who rotate my world, but with the knowledge that they are always a phone call away. But secure with the knowledge that not risking it would be the biggest risk of all.

Any advice? Any recommendations? I need your help, you gorgeous people…

(Really happy about going here again…)       


Ok, so it’s Sunday night. And we all know that on Sundays people rest (I do believe that is the original intention of Sundayness), are spontaneous and also get meloncholy and bored. Today I have fallen head first into two of those categories (spontaneous & bored) and decided to jump on the blog bandwagon.

I thought that perhaps a blog would be a good idea, mainly because it seems more entertaining than writing school reports, I am so stereotypically Gen Y in my whole Lily Allen/Miley Cyrus/Taylor Swift approach to life and I spend so much time on facebook chat that people are beginning to talk …

Plus, maybe one of my other fellow fabulous bloggers will appreciate my terrible Dad-style jokes and pointless stories as much as my Prep kids do…


Why was the penguin standing on the marshmallow?

So he wouldn’t fall into the hot chocolate

(You can’t say I didn’t warn you…)

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