The difference between what my brain plans for Christmas and what actually happens.

  • Decide that I am going to be the Martha Stewart Prep teacher master crazy person and bombard my class with easy but attractive craft projects on a daily basis. Have a mental breakdown and threaten to axe Christmas craft altogether after glitter stars infect my carpet in a classroom version of herpes.
  • Appease friends, save money and display my creativity by making homemade Christmas cards. Note to self- felt, glitter, craft glue and cardboard= $20. A box of ten purchased cards, which don’t look like they were made by a blind person wielding a glue gun= $3.
  • Make a Gingerbread House. I went through a massive gingerbread phase this year. The house could still happen. Or, if I get lazy, it really could not.
  • Become the person who has their Christmas shopping done and dusted by October. I started last week.
  • Aim to expand my Christmas carol addiction. Become hooked on Hi5’s ‘Jingle Jangle Christmas’ CD. This wasn’t what I intended.
  • Brainwash my Preps with magical Christmas memories, urging them to write letters to Santa. Take the letters home and write 23 individual replies. Spray them with water and stick in the school freezer. Interrupt class by running outside after hearing a ‘strange noise’ and return with frozen letters, direct from the North Pole. Giggle myself silly when the kids pretty much hyperventilating with excitement. Tick that box, baby. If I do nothing else my Christmas brain demands, I’m happy.

Pic from We Heart It.