It can set you up to bring you down. It  can become a way of thinking. To protect yourself, you can choose to guard yourself with sarcasm, with humour, with self depreciation that veers away from the rawness. Lock the gate so no one comes in and no one gets hurt. Remember the negative to prevent the opening up of old wounds, but in the process block out the positive and opportunity to fix yourself up with a soothing balm.

You have the choice though. In the same way you almost choose to be enchanted by the secret smiles, the rush of complements, the sound of a text message ringing in your ears with the treacly words from the mouth of a new adventure. In the same method that you can let liking a boy wash over you like a wave and be excited about meeting someone who seems excited about meeting you.

You can throw down the walls around you and let the new one in. Because you might possibly get hurt again or you might just get healed and let your awesomeness shine through.