Unlike many other ladies out there today, I made it. You did not see Little Miss Me scampering down the pavement in bare feet at Flinders Street station, heels in hand. I kept me curls in place and my shoes on my feet. Lipgloss intact, fascinator feathers unfrayed, sun-screened and unburnt. Advantage me.

Today was one of my favourite days of the year (apart from Christmas and Easter… and I mainly love them because they give me a justification for eating chocolate for breakfast…)

I pity you guys on the other side of the sea, who have no idea about the glory of Fashions on the Field. Being upstanding so that we can sing only one verse of ‘Advance Australia Fair’- purely because no one is quite sure what’s going on in the second verse (although I secretly think it’s superior to the first verse). The legend of trashbags limping home- a little boozed and with heels in hand.

Melbourne Cup Day. I love this day because no one else in the world cares about it. I adore the whole notion that the city closes down for a horse race, although most girls spend the day focussed on the fashion, fascinators and hatinators, rather then horses. I also cherish the way my mother packs a picnic and ensures that the Club sandwiches will never get confused.

October 08 055

October 08 050October 08 047Despite previous love letters to Sydney…Melbourne, I do love you. Although only when you play nice and give me sunshine.