I should be fine. On paper, life looks perfect. I’m anticipating thrilling adventures, a (fingers crossed) big win on the Melbourne Cup and tonight I’m getting dressed up as a hippie. See? What’s not to like?

But I’m feeling kind of overwhelmed. Cue dialogue from ’10 Things I Hate About You’…

Not “I woke up and just realised I have Lindsey Lohan’s lips” kind of overwhelmed, but enough to make me ancy. Enough for me to wake up in a bath of sweat after having nightmares each night. Enough for me to make me want to eat more chocolate then should really be allowed. Enough for everyday to feel like a bad hair day, for none of my clothes to feel like they’re matching, to feel like I’m floundering when I should be in control. I know I’m sooking, that I really have no problems. That I have friends who buy me pale purple nail polish. I have a steady job. I live in an amazing place. I have dual citizenship, which means I get shorter queues at airports.  Which makes me feel guilty AND ancy. Do you ever feel that way too?

I’m blaming the report writing season. I’m blaming the amount of things I need to get done. I’m hoping that a good does of sunshine, fake tan and tonight’s fancy dress party will cheer me up (How can I be sad about the prospect of my best friend’s backyard transformed into a hippy harem?  Especially when their will be lollies and canoli???’)

So I plan to go to the hairdresser, eat fruit, match up my outfits the night before and put on a happy face. Here’s to hoping.