It would have been a magical time…a period before the revolting invention of denim look leggings (I’d rather poke my eyes out then wear them…it would be ok if the people who wore them owned a mirror and were aware of the atrocity they were inflicting upon society…)

Just cinched in waists. Hats and gloves. Structured suits and Dior’s ‘New Look’. Big hair, real pearls and having the real, not the fake Chanel. (Give that you were loaded. And if I can time travel, I can totally be loaded).

vintage beach

audrey smokin'



No need for fake tan. Or intense gym workouts. Just an ability to cook really good cakes while listening to the transistor and draw a straight enough line up your leg to pass for nylons. And a lack of outwardly feminist values.

Ahhhh who am I kidding? Pass me my ipod….