They say don’t meet your heroes.

In my short but somewhat charmed life (not counting my propensity to wear way too much glitter make up in high school) I have met my fair share of idols. It should also be mentioned that I had pretty low standards in terms of hero worship growing up… pretty much anyone who had a pulse and who’d appeared on TV at some stage was suitable of making the grade.

As a child, I stalked minor celebrities at shopping centre appearances and carried a tattered autograph book with on my person at all times. I nearly choked on my Frosty Fruit icy pole when I saw Cathy Freeman and Shane Warne having lunch at a cafe when I was 9. At 12, I had no life and almost fainted when the whole cast of my favourite TV show (*cough* ‘All Saints‘ *cough*) replied to my fan mail by sending me their autographs.

Praise the Lord, my grip on reality has tightened as the years progressed, but I still screamed like a 13-year-old at a Jonas Brothers concert after I met one of my grown up heros, Susannah Constantine (of Trinny & Susannah fame) last Friday).

It’s ok, I’m shallow but not that shallow… I do have some other heroes, who are humanitarians, not fashionistas…

trinny & susannah

I have been in love with this duo and their witty, honest observations since a time when I thought bootleg jeans were cool. It gave me a Friday afternoon thrill when I had the chance to watch them transform the wardrobes of some unsuspecting audience members at a show last week, finally figure out which ‘shape’ I am (pretty much like Trinny, for anyone who cares) and drool over Trinny’s Azzedine Alaia studded belt…

Who are your heroes?