I’m just like all you others.

I watch ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ and think ‘ooh yes, I’m a professional too’ (I just save Prep’s yoghurt covered lunch boxes which have fallen in the bin, not lives).

I read autobiographies by women who inspire me, who work in political positions and are elected by others who support their cause.

I stalk Michelle Obama & Princess Mary on the net and ponder, ‘Hmm, I too could study law. I might land Prince in a bar, then could help rule a nation while wearing gorgeous frilly dresses’.

I take risks, I travel and crave new experiences in the same way that I crave Malteasers. I try to encourage the kids I work with to strive to reach their full potential and to think about other people. I then discover they are much better at it then myself, as well as most adults I know.

I hang out with independent, like minded girls and women, who can rock a cocktail dress as well as a political conference. I think about the future a lot.

The more I read about the past, the more appreciative I am that I live in the present. I am aware that as a woman today I have choice. I am thankful to those who fought so that I have that choice (even though I totally don’t agree with Germaine Greer’s opinions about the Crocodile Hunter…). I also feel fortunate that I was born into a country where freedom of choice is viewed as a right.

Then I have D&M (deep & meaningful, for those not up with my Year 9 girl vocabulary) conversations with some gorgeous, smart friends, who are overwhelmed with the choice, with the freedom. Who want to stay home and not have a career, but support husbands and children. Who know that this is what they want, who know that this will make them happy. And I can see their point.

And who am I whether to say it’s wrong or right? Do we have too much choice? Have our choices made us happier?

Tell me what you think.