Sometimes I have massive dilemmas in my life. I mean, they’re hardly of the same intensity as those of Kanye’s publicist post VMA’s, but dilemmas all the same.

I’m currently having an inward argument with myself about whether to buy some really hot/expensive/gorgeous but comfy black ballet flats now, so that I can wear them for the last term of school and then bring them on my trip, or wait until just before I leave. I told you, massive issue.

The Affirmatives main argument (a la, buy the good shoes now) channels the idea that my feet will thank me for it, they will just LOOK better and I can wear them in (translation: I get blisters now rather then blisters while traipsing around Europe carrying all my worldly possessions on my back).

The part of my brain representing the Negative team is trying to persuade me to wait until the end of season sales or better yet, until Europe. (European shoes have got to be better then Australian shoes right?) Be sensible and wear el cheapo black flats now, because they will only get massacred during yard duty on the oval at school anyway.

Hence my dilemma. I live a fairly blessed life at the moment, but I have a theory that if I focus on the small problems in life, the big ones tend to fade into significance. (Denial is not just a river in Egypt, people.)

So what are your thoughts?  To buy or not to buy the shoes? Hmmmm.