I’m a big talker. It’s no secret. I often say that I became a teacher because I like to talk all day. I think my ability to talk the leg off a chair allows me to bond with other people whose profession involves the same talent.

I think you know the people I’m referring to. Those who become incidental friends, because whenever you see them you pour out all your news and gossip since your last meeting. The hairdressers, waxers, manicurests (is that a word..?). I once heard that if you want to discover the ultimate in celeb goss, your go-to-girl is the make up chick.

I was thinking about this today, when I had my monthly visit to my House of Pain waxer. She is a really lovely lady (despite the fact that she makes me wince) and I always leave having told her more then I ever meant too. And today she told me more then I probably needed to know about her life.

I am one of those people who has been seeing the same hairdresser since I was six. I have watched her get married, have babies, babysat her children, babysat her nephews and nieces- one year she even paid me to wrap Christmas gifts for her. I now view her as a friend, however I can’t really pinpoint the time when we crossed the line from client, to acquaintence, to friend.

But in my book, the more the merrier…and if you really want to give me more information then I am prepared for…go for it.

Have any of you lovely darlings formed these incidental friendships?