Ok, so I got tagged by Kristina to do this and I am so thrilled that someone is actually reading my blog that I thought …why not?!

Although this could reveal my identity as a blogger, da da daaaahhh…. (cue exciting music).

1) Open your first photo folder

2) Now scroll down to your 10th photo

3) Post that photo and story on your blog

4) Tag five other bloggers to do the same!

So here goes…

Sunny Melbourne

Sorry to disappoint…no pic of me. Although this does show where I live… This pic was taken on a Sunday afternoon back in December. I am using my parent’s computer at the beach house right now so I didn’t think there would be many photos on here. And alas, I was right…

I took this pic on when we went to the city to celebrate my friend’s birthday. It was such a beautiful Summer day, made more beautiful by the fact that it was accompanied by a dip platter and Lemon, Lime & Bitters.     I like the way that the Yarra river runs through Melbourne like a big lifeline. (Even if it is a dodgy, polluted lifeline that apparently is now safe to fish from. Not that I would be game enough to try).

On this particular afternoon I was reminiscing how during the previous weekI had walked from Rod Laver Arena all the way to this spot, in heels, by myself at 11pm after a Kylie Minogue concert. I was a little bit worried something might happen to me, although I also was feeling quite adventurous and enjoying listening to the conversations of the people who walked past me! This blue sky makes me miss Summer!

And here are some of the fantastic ladies that I am currently addicted to reading…

1. Brandy

2. Olivia

3. Emily

4. mylittlebecky

5. Allison

This whole picture business got me thinking…is it better to be an anonymous blogger or should I put a pic up here? Or at least on 20somethingbloggers? What are your thoughts chickies?

If anyone reads this maybe they will reply. I know this is not a very exciting post. I will write something more exciting when I wake up properly/have some chocolate/after I have gone shopping.