The pay may not be amazing, but the feeling of being treated like a rock star every day is. I seriously think that teaching is one of those jobs that has just enough of those rock star moments to keep you coming back.

Rock Star Moment #1

As I was wandering around the muddy oval on yard duty today with 10 Prep girls traipsing after me, Lucy said to me “Do ya know what my dream is? That everyone in the class is away and you just get to teach me. That would be sooo cool”.

I guess I could look at this comment in two ways, either I don’t pay Lucy enough attention in class or she really likes me. I prefer to choose the latter.

Rock Star Moment #2

I was chatting to one of my parent helpers while the kids ate lunch, when she said, “The girls dress up as you every afternoon when they get home and play ‘schools’. They wear black leggings and high heels and cover themselves in jewellery. I will definitely have to video it for you”. Guess it’s good to hear I have a signature style…plus it’s nice to think someone wants to be you even if they are 5 year old.

Especially when you feel like you are stuck in rotational work uniform, have chipped fingernails and got caught in the rain walking to your car (meaning your freshly GHD’d hair has decided to give itself weirdo bendy waves).

Rock Star Moment #3

I love that when I am so over thinking about assessments, reports, Running Records, timetables etc….I see 23 grinning faces fighting for window space and peeking through my classroom door’s window when the morning bell rings. I love the way they shout at me to let them in and almost fall over each other in their scramble to get in the door.

Rock Star Moment #4, #5, #6, etc.

Having 5 year olds quote back to you lame jokes and pointless stories you told them MONTHS ago. Hearing “Oooh that’s good! You are SUCH a good artist!” when you draw a stick figure ostrich on the board.  Hearing the a Prep child respond with “She knows because she’s a teacher. Teachers are smart” . Bless! Being offered the lolly bag with 2 Freddo Frogs in it on someones birthday. Finding mis-spelt notes and crayon drawings on your desk, addressed to you. Knowing that a five year old trusts you enough to run to you and nuzzle into your neck when she is crying.

To all the teachers out there…

When it’s the end of the day, you’re counting down to holidays and you’ve just sent a five year old to the Principal’s office because they told their classmate to “Get F*CKED!” (as I did today), try to think of the Rock Star Moments.