So Winter officially began this week. Although I am not usually it’s biggest fan, this year I aim to embrace all that the icy mornings bring, especially since the reality of being somewhere REALLY cold next year is slowly sinking in.

As I melt the frost on my windscreen, I will be thinking about how much I love…

Sticky Date Pudding. I always forget how fantastic it is.

..but the ice-cream is better on the side.

Opaque black tights. Because the remind me of my high school Winter uniform. Also, they mean there is no need for fake tan.

The Peninsula. When the wind is beating at the windows of the beach house or I am rugged up watching the white caps crash and throw themselves at the jetty or I am munching on Melting Moments with my 2 year old cousin while we are watching the rain, I know this place is love.

winter fun 070

Flannelette. Sheets, pajamas, whatever. Except shirts. Unless you are Hugh Jackman. And on a horse. Actually, don’t bother with the horse.


Boots. Boots are a way to wear embarrassing socks and still look cool. What’s not to like about that? Plus, you can pretend you are Serena.


Winter, I think we may be able to work this thing out.