I have been watching extravagant amounts of ‘Sex & the City’ since around about the time that I thought glitter jeans were a bright idea. I’ve envied Carrie’s Manolos, laughed at their antics and felt, as I guess many other girls do, that they understood the ‘Secret Single Girl Society’. So basically, I’ve always felt that I identified with them and was happy to feel that way.

That was until a couple of weeks ago, when I was chatting to my best friend Miss M’s boyfriend, when he commented “It’s so good, you’re are like one of those definitive single girls. I always see you as a single girl and it’s so wonderful that you are happy being single”. “As opposed to being single and unhappy?” I responded, giggling, but he really planted the seed of doubt in my little single girl brain.

(That niggling idea may have been exacerbated by the fact that I had spent the  night dodging a guy that I had just stopped seeing).

Do we really want to be the girls from ‘Sex & the City’ for their lifestyle or just because of their awesome shoe collections? I’m not implying that I want to rush out, get married and procreate, but I’m not sure if I ever imagined that I would be typecast as ‘the single girl’, especially when I feel so young.

It kind of feels like I spent so long focussed on the fact that uni, then getting job, and now travel are of utmost importance, but all of a sudden I am in my twenties and all these girls I went to high school with are getting married…

I know that I’m not ready to go down that path mainly because I’m not even dating anyone at the moment  plus I’m holding out for next year, when I can waltz around and abduct Robert Pattinson/Penn Badgley/Zac Efron… but I do think that path would be a nice possibility one day. And I would hate for people to be surprised if it happened.

Being the ‘happy single girl’ that I am, I don’t normally feel this way. However, while this feeling lasts I might as well indulge in some ‘Secret Single Behaviour’. Pass me the saltines, grape jelly & fashion magazines Carrie!