At what age do we stop thinking like kids and start thinking like  ‘grown-ups’? Sometimes I long for the days when my major concern was whether I should buy a Sunny Boy or a Paddle Pop at recess. Actually, on some days that is still my biggest dilemma.

Anyways, today my Preps completed a very cute activity which involved them drawing what they thought their brains looked like and explain what they did.

My brain is filled with little jars. They hold what I am gonna say.’

‘My brain has little dots and love hearts. It helps me sleep.’

‘My brain has red cwacks in it. They help you think.’

I love the way kids think most of the time. And at least being a Prep teacher, I still get the opportunity to think like a kid. Here are some things I really truly liked as a kid and pretty much still do…

1. Sniffing soap just after I’ve ripped off the wrapper. It’s weird, but it’s a tradition.

2. Sneaking a Mint Slice from the fridge before brekky on weekends. I used to hide, crouched under the kitchen stools while I ate it so Mum wouldn’t find out. She still doesn’t know I do it. But I don’t hide anymore.

3. Sorrento summers. They never get uncool. And just keep getting better. Amen to that.

4. My electric blanket. It get me through until the Sorrento summer arrives.

5. Colin Firth (well I discovered him about the same time I discovered Pride & Prej., so he’s almost from childhood.  Like Sorrento, he just keeps improving in wet shirt sexiness over time). I took this photo when my friends and I stalked him during his ‘Mamma Mia’ promo. He laughed when a girl shouted out that he was a ‘sexy bitch’. After that I loved him even a little more.

Mr Darcy

Mr Darcy

6. Sewing & Knitting. My Grandma lived with my fam until she passed away when I was 15 and I spent so many hours with her as child as she taught me crafty things. I don’t get much time to create much except scarves and Gossip Girl headbands, but one of my favourite things is still the sound of heavy scissors cutting material on a bench.

7. ‘Hating Alison Ashley’. Because I always felt like Erica Yurken but now at least according to my compartmentalised lunch box I like to think I’m heading into A.A.’s direction.

8. Strawberries & sugar. (They always taste better when I eat them with a toothpick, I not quite sure why).

9. Road trips. Now the friends replace the parents and the itunes playlists replace the mixtapes, in the same way the hangovers replace the carsickness, but they still rock.

10. School. I know, I was a massive nerd. But now I get to be in charge.

What are your fave childhood memories that have morphed into grown-up loves??

(Maybe someone will read this and reply…)